the Thea's Lakeland Walks Barkcuterie Board!What is a Barcuterie Board?


It's just like a charcuterie board, but for dogs.


This jam packed treat box contains;

• apple and oat pretzels

• blueberry jam

• peanut butter

• TLW letter biscuits

• jammie biscuits

• spinach and egg yolk fries

• pumpkin and cheese halos

• coconut pupcake

• beetroot hearts

• gingerbread man

• carob chip cookies

• dried carrot chips

• beef lung

• fish wrapped in chicken

• soft chicken breast

• dehydrated duck breat strips

PLUS a rectangular, compostable serving tray!


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Contents are subject to change depending on what we have in stock.

Always supervise your pets when given a treat.

For best results, store treats in an airtight container in the fridge.

Contains allergens such as oats, eggs, nuts.

Barkcuterie Board

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