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Full Day Care

Full day care is a booking of over four hours between 8am - 6pm. Your dog will spend the whole day on site at our premises where they can play to their heart's content. They will have a variety of other dogs who are ready to play, a great selection of toys and when they are feeling sleepy - a space where they can go for a nap.
Arrival time - 8am to 9am
End time - 4pm - 6pm


Half Day Care


Half day care is the same as full day care, but for a shorter period. Half day care is up to four hours of play, where full day care is over four hours.

 Morning arrival time - 8am - 9am
Morning end time - 12pm - 1pm

Afternoon arrival time - 12pm - 1pm
Afternoon end time - 4pm - 5pm


Hour Plays


Hour plays are shorter still, one hour of fun where your dog can have a quick play with their friends to help burn off some excess energy.

Pop in Visits

Going on holiday and need someone to feed the small animals? Just need someone to put the bins out and keep an eye on the post? Do you have a puppy who needs to be let our during the day? We can help! We have helped to look after a whole host of animals while their family is away, including chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and cats. 


Events Assistance


Are you attending some of Cumbria's most exciting events and need pet care? Pop us a message to see how we can help. We are the recommended pet care provider for a great selection of events including;
Keswick Mountain Festival
Kendal Mountain Festival

Kendal Calling

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